22C3 PharmDx28-8 PharmDxSP142 AssaySP263 Assay
Atezolizumab--1L (≥5% IC)
Pembrolizumab1L (≥10 CPS)


1st line advanced or metastatic UC who are considered cisplatin ineligible – IC* ≥5% PD-L1 testing: companion

VENTANA PD-L1 (SP142) Assay
  • OptiView and Amplification on a VENTANA BenchMark instrument
  • Reference centres: AZ Delta, CHU Liège, Institut Jules Bordet, IPG, UZA, UZ Gent and UZ Leuven
  • UC interpretation guide
  • SP142 kit insert

* IC: proportion of tumour area occupied by PD-L1 expressing tumour-infiltrating immune cells (% IC) of any intensity

1st line advanced or metastatic UC who are considered cisplatin ineligible – CPS* ≥10 PD-L1 testing: companion

PD-L1 IHC 22C3 PharmDx

* Combined Positive Score (CPS), which is the number of PD-L1 staining cells (tumour cells, lymphocytes, macrophages) divided by the total number of viable tumour cells, multiplied by 100. The specimen should be considered to have PD-L1 expression if CPS ≥ 10.